Sri Siva Krishna Temple in Singapore


Sri Siva Krishna Temple is a temple for the god Shiva who is the presiding deity. The temple also has many other deities. Located at No. 31, Marsiling Rise, Singapore, the  newly consecreted Sri Siva-Krishna Temple meets the spiritual as well as social needs of all the Hindus residing in the Woodlands New Town area and other neighbouring suburbs.

The temple has about 21 Sanctum Santorums housing almost all the Gods prayed by the Hindu Community in Singapore. Along with regular prayers like Karthigai, Pradhosham,  every month in Tamil Calendar is devoted to one particular God and a festival related to that God is celebrated in a grand manner.

History of the Temple

According to the article published in the Kumbabishegam Magazine which was released to commemorate the first Consecration Ceremony of the Temple on 1st September 1996, one Mr. Kunjukrishnan cleared a small piece of land at 832, Sembawang Road in 1962, erected an unauthorised shed and placed several shrines / deities and started praying.  Taxi drivers congregrated in the area for relaxation.  After the death of Mr.  Kunjukrishnan, Mr. Velayutham further cleared the area and brought in more deities.  As the time passed by, the Temple was named “Sri Siva-Krishna Temple”.  With more and more devotees and revenue coming to the Temple, it was suggested that the surroundings of the Temple be kept clean so as to give the Temple a dignified look.

In 1982, the Temple was shifted to the present site at Marsiling Rise.  The land area is about 25000 Square feet.

Various committess took care of the temple from 1982 to 1987.

In 1987, a new committee took charge of the temple and immediately performed the ground breaking ceremony.  On Wednesday 9 December 1987, “Sangu Sthapanam”ceremony was held and then actual construction of the temple followed.

The first consecration ceremony of the temple took place on 1 September 1996.

The second consecration ceremony of the temple took place on 23 March 2008.

Layout of Temple

Entrance to Sri Siva-Krishna Temple itself is really unique. One side one of Lord Siva’s aides Sri Nandi and on the other side the best of Sri Rama Bhaktas – Sri Anjaneyar stand on both sides of the entrance and it is as if they are welcoming the devotees coming into the temple.

Besides the beautiful statues and arts in the Raja Gopuram, the ceilings of main hall are filled with statues depicting puranas. The big lotus in the hall is another beauty which catches everyone’s eye. The zodiac signs are very nicely painted on the ceiling of the entrance hall.

Similarly, there are numerous statues sculpted on the walls outside. Sapta Kannikas, Navagrahams, Sri Sudharsanar, Sri Bairavar and Geethopadhesam are a few of them.

There are about 23 Sannadhis in this beautiful temple which satisfies everyone’s needs.

Deities Residing in the Temple

Sri Vinayagar , Sri Siva-Krishnar (Main Deity) , Sri Murugan , Sri Durga, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Saraswathi , Sri Ramar, Sri Seethai and Sri Lakshmanar , Sri Anjaneyar , Sri Iyappan , Sri Mariamman , Sri Periyachi , Sri Idumbar , Sri Nagamma , Sri Dakshinamurthy , Sri Viswanathar, Visalakshi , Sri Nandheeswarar , Sri Karuppar , Sri Muneeswarar , Sri Madurai Veeran , Sri Bairavar , Sri Chandikeswarar , Navagraham

Prayer Timings

Timing Pooja
7.00 am Morning Poojai
12.00 noon Uchikaala Poojai
6.30 pm Evening Poojai
9.00 pm Arthajaama Poojai

Other Pujas at temple

MAATHA KARTHIKAI – Special Abishegam and Pujai is performed for Lord Murugan on every Karthikai between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm followed by Annadhanam.  Participation fee $21.00

RAAHU KAALA DURGA PUJAI – Every Tuesday afternoon, Raahu Kaala Durga Pujai is from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

SANKATAHARA CHATHURTHI – Special Homam and Abishegam are performed in the Temple for Lord Sri Sithi Vinayagar once a month on the Sankatahara Chathurthi day between 4.30 pm and 7.00 pm.  Participation fee $21.00.

PRADHOSHAM – Once a month, Pradhosham Pujai and Swami Purapaadu is held from 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm.

PAALKUDAM – Every Pournami, devotees carry Paal Kudam and Abishegam is performed to Sri Durgai Amman between 8.00 pm and 9.00 pm.  Participation fee $5.00

KUNKUMA ARCHANAI – Every Friday, Kunkuma Archanai is performed for Sri Durgai Amman at 12.00 noon.  Prticipation fee $5.00.

Location of Temple

Sri Siva Krishna temple is located at 31, Marsiling Rise, Singapore 739127.
Telephone : +65 63680030 Fax: +65 63651709

Getting there

Nearest MRT – Woodlands MRT

Nearest Bus Interchange – Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange , Board bus 913, 913E or 178 at Berth No.12.  Alight at the second bus stop.

Official website of Temple