Sri Balasubramaniar Temple in Singapore


Holy tree Sri Balasubramaniar temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan also known as Kartikeya. Holy Tree Sri Balasubramaniar Temple was founded by P. Karupiah in 1962 . At Holy Tree Sri Balasubramainiar Temple the Lotus Flower is offered to Lord Murgan because when he was born form the third eye of Siva’s forehead, the Jyoti (spiritual light) fell into the Saravana pond and six lotus flowers held the Jyoti. It is believed that by offering lotus flowers to Lord Murugan there will be happiness and harmony in your family. Also beleive to improve wealth and prosperity as well as progress in education for children. Couples will be blessed with children. Evil will be eradicated. Devotees can have fulfillment in their present birth and above all blessing of Lord Murugan will be attained. Special Poojas are conducted by offering Lotus Flowers for the Lord Muragan as mass participation by one and all.


In April 1962, on the eve of Pongal (Hindu harvest festival), a Hindu naval worker by the name of Pottukara Karuppiah had a dream about Hindu deity, Lord Murugan, and a golden cobra under an elantha (jujube) tree. Upon waking, he found the tree of his dream near Canberra Road, with an anthill under it. Interpreting it as a divine sign, he built an altar and placed a spear and pictures of several Hindu deities, including Lord Muruga, below the tree.

Hindu workers at the Naval Base began worshipping at the shrine. Upon appeal by the devotees, the British granted the land for religious use. In 1964, the shrine was officially registered as Punithamaram Sree Balasubramaniar Temple and a temple was built. ‘Punithamaram’ means ‘Holy Tree’, in reference to the elantha tree, and ‘Sree Balasubramaniar’ is another name of Lord Muruga. The Hindu community raised funds for the temple’s construction, and the British contributed building materials and support in logistics. The temple soon became the spiritual and community centre for Hindus living in Sembawang. Marriages and naming ceremonies for new-borns were held here. The temple also organised activities such as devotional singing classes.

In the 1990s, the temple had to relocate to make way for Sembawang New Town. It moved to Yishun Industrial Park in 1996 and the new temple building was consecrated in 1999. Today, it is registered as Holy Tree Sri Bala Subramaniar Temple.


Holy Tree Sri Balasubramaniar Temple, 10 Yishun Industrial Park A, Singapore 768772

Telephone: 67561912 / 67585528 ,   Fax: 67527732

Getting there

Nearest MRT is Yishun (NS13), walking distance 20 minutes from Exit B to here

One can catch Bus 169 , walking distance is 1 minute from Bus stop B59529

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