Sheetala Mata Temple


Sheetala Mata Mandir is found at Gurugaon village, a suburb of Gurgaon (Guru Dronacharya’s birth place), in the state of Haryana. The presiding deity of this temple is Mata Sheetala Devi, which is also referred to as Shakti Peeth.Mata Sheetala Devi is also called as Bhagat Lalita Maa and Masani Maa. In fact the word Sheetala refers to the disease smallpox. And it is believed that if this deity is invoked with faith, she dispels the disease. Situated near a pond, this temple witnesses hordes of pilgrims throughout the year, except during the month of Shravana (July-August). During the month of Chaitra (March-April), this place resembles like Kumbh-Mela.A section of the visitors come for the mundan ceremony ( the first hair cutting ceremony) of their children and offer the crop of hair at the altar of goddess. Among other visitors married couples also come to invoke the blessings of the goddess for a happy married life.


About Mata Seetla – Legend says that Rishi Sharadwan had two children. Thinking that the two would disturb him in his worship he leaves them in the the jungle. Bheeshma’s father, King Shantanu, comes across the two children and recognises them as Rishi children as they possess deer skin and bow. The king takes them with him and looks after them. On hearing this, Rishi Sharadwan comes and collects the children from the king. As the children grew under the kindness (krupa) of king Shantanu, the daughter was named as Krupi and the son as Krupacharya.Krupi was married to Guru Dronacharya and she was made to stay on the banks of the pond at Gurugaon, while the Guru was training the Kauravas and Pandavas. Krupi due to her penance, became a motherlike figure to all. Later this Krupi became Mata Sheetala Devi.
The temple is famous for its miracles. Some 5000 years ago, the only son of King Puranjet was brought to the temple with paralysis. For around 15-16 days the child was gently wrapped in the mud from the pond and with the blessings of the Devi, the child got well. So the devi is dronacharya wife Krupi, definetly the gurgaon is the place of guru dronacharya his wife is the devi of the city gurgaon, of the famous place Sheetla Mata.

About Temple – More than three centuries ago two brothers, Padarath and Singha lived in the village of Gurgaon. They were fief holders and owned thousands of acres of land. Singha was a calm, good-natured person who spend most of his time in singing Bhajans. Impressed by Singha’s devotion, Sheetala Devi appeared in his dream and granted him a boon. The boon was that, Singha’s mere touch would free a person from all pains. Singha thus left his luxurious abode and started meditating near the pond. He also made a crude temple like structure and started worshipping the Devi there. One day it seems, while collecting mud from the pond, Singha found the idol of the Devi and consecrated it in the crude structure. This structure later on became the Sheetala Devi temple.

According to another legend, a poor carpenter living in Farukh Nagar had a beautiful daughter of marriageable age. On hearing about her beauty, the Mughal ruler expressed his desire to get married to the girl. The carpenter resented giving away her daughter to a person from a different religion and so appealed to King Surajmal of Bharatpur. The matter being outside his jurisdiction, the king refused to interfere. The disappointed carpenter met Prince Bharatpur, son of King Surajmal while returning home who tried to talk it out with his father but to no avail.Consequently, the prince revolted against his father. On his way to attack Delhi, he passed through Gurgaon and he pledged to the Shri  Mata Sheetla Devi that if he returned victorious, he would build a proper temple. The prince won and upon his return, he built the temple.

There is another version of the same temple. It is said that when prince of Bharatpur was proceeding towards , he and his army rested at Ballabhgarh. But the horses refused to move further from here. The court astrologer was summoned to explain the strange behaviour of the horses, whereupon it was found that since obeisance was not paid the goddess after entering Gurgaon on their way, this had angered her. Thus an elaborate worship of the goddess was arranged and the horses started moving. The prince pledged that he would build a temple on his victorious return.

Nearby Places of Interest

Sohna Sulphur Springs – The tiny town with pretty name, Sohna is credited with sulphur springs. This is situated in the heart of the town by the side of a perpendicular rock and is approachable only on foot through small narrow lanes where vehicles can not pass. The water is strongly sulphurate and its temperature varies from 46 – 51 degrees. The present site of main kund, called Shiv Kund, is believed to have been the ancient abode of hermits. The hot water is believed to have curative effect on skin infections and diseases like gout and rheumatism. Hindus consider the tank sacred and come for a dip in its water on solar/lunar eclipse and Somavati Amavasya. The complex is studded with an extravagance of colourful flowers, trees and shrubs. Its vast landscape with peacocks strutting about grips one with all its beauty and splendor. Sohna by night becomes a wonderland of lights, simply bewitching.

Getting there and Around

By Air – The nearest airport is New Delhi.

By Road –  The state transport buses connect Gurgaon to neighboring cities with in the state and in neighboring states.

By Rail – Nearest big Railway Stations are New Delhi & Nizamudin

Local Transport: Taxis, metered auto-rickshaws, private buses and state buses.


There are many Budget as well as Luxury hotels in Gurgaon.So, Accommodation is not a problem in Gurgaon.Moreover , as Gurgaon is just around 10 kms from New Delhi, one can stay in Delhi too.