Sacred Metals of Hindus


Metals are used to make idols, jewellary, dresses for gods and other accessories.Hindus consider following metals very sacred and auspicious:-


A yellow precious metal which is valued for its beauty and purity since it does not oxidize or tarnish like most other metals. It has been used for coins and jewelry for over 6000 years and from this has become regarded as a symbol of wealth. Gold is very ductile and is the most malleable of all metals. It can be cast into huge statues or beaten into wafer thin sheets of gold leaf. This malleability makes it too soft to be used in jewelry without being alloyed with other metals.Gold is considered very sacred by hindus for religious jewellery.People like to offer gold jewellery to idols of gods . The idol of lord Balaji at tirupati is an example of this.Gold expresses the splendour and radiance of Sun. It is the only metal that never tarnishes and resists the fiercest of fires. Gold is associated with riches, rule and truth.


Silver is ruled by the Moon also called Luna by alchemists. Silver is used for protection against magic. The symbolic meaning of the Moon is reaction and reflection. The Moon acts as a mirror reflecting the light from the Sun and a mirror is just glass with a thin layer of Silver. The Moon is associated with femininity, motherliness, cycles and changeable emotions and silver is used in rituals involving them. Silver neutralizes negativity and helps in dreams and intuition, psychic abilities. Silver is used for religious jewellery and accesories in bulk.


Copper is ruled by planet Venus and is mainly used for money and fertility. Venus has the lowest rotation rate and its character is passive, receptive, ready to adapt and kind. Copper has a great affinity to Venus because they share the same characteristics. Copper easily combines with other metals and it easily transfers warmth and electricity. Copper is used in rituals and spells used for promoting love, positive relationships, negotiations and peace. Copper yantras are favorite among Hindus.


Parad is ruled by the planet Mercury and is known for its changing properties. In the Indian Mythology Parad is also known as “RASA” (liquid).It is mentioned in ancient Vedas that there is nothing pure and auspicious than Parad. Parad is the source of supreme energy, and energy is nothing but another form of element in the shape of waves and rays. Parad is highly sensitive and has magnificent magnetic powers. Parad is also very useful in controlling various diseases like High Blood Pressure, Asthma and increase the Sex Power. Parad has special significance in Ayurveda too. Parad benefits have be proved beneficial from Astrological as well as Scientific.Parad is believed to be originated from the sperms of Lord Shiva. So it is the most auspicious metal used for worship (Pooja) of Lord Shiva.Parad idols and Shivlinga are very popular among hindus.


Iron is ruled by planet Saturn.Iron has been used since its discovery for making tools and weapons to help in his work and in his defence. Iron corresponds to mars because of the similar characteristics of building and conquering new worlds. Iron is used in rituals to promote energy, strength, determination, will power, aggression, power and courage. It is also used for fertility rituals.


Tin is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is used for meditation and relaxation, honor, wealth and wisdom. Jupiter is the largest planet of the solar system and it symbolises abundance, prosperity, growth and success. Tin is used in rituals promoting abundance, prosperity, success in business and in legal matters, stimulation, healing, regeneration and rejuvenation.


Lead is ruled by planet Rahu and is used for business and houses.Objects made out of lead are used for Lal kitab remedies.


Brass is another metal that’s considered sacred by Hindus. Idols,yantras and accessories made in brass are considered sacred as well as very pure.Brass is the most preferred metal when it comes to strength and reliability.Brass idols pass generations to generations without any problem.


Combination of all above mentioned metals together in any propotion is known as Ashtadhatu. Ashtadhatu means alloy of eight metals.Ashtadhatu idols are quite popular in India and considered very sacred and pure.