Murugan Hill Temple in Singapore


History of Temple

Murugan Hill Temple initial discovery was at Lam San Village by Mr. Shanmugam. A plumber attached to the R.A.F. He spotted a small divine structure that resembled the shrine of “Lord Muneeswaran”. Mr. Shanmugam related the meeting during the R.A.F local staff Unions meeting Mr. Lingam, the present Presidents was also a member the.In 1962, with the villagers support the first “Pooja” was offered to mark the founding of the Shrine. A year later, while clearing the surrounding area the Fire they set spread to the neighbouring Huts. A report was made by the Landowner and the activity was stopped, leaving the place deserted without offering any Prayers.

On one Tuesday at down, Mr. Lingam had a dream. An Old Man dressed in white knocked at his door and uttered “Go and Light up the shrine and offer prayers as usual. It would do good to you.” Thus came the rebirth of the Temple. Mr. Lingam, with his friend Mr. Pappaiya Naidu and the villagers began to offer prayers once again. In 1969 with help of MP Mr. Tang See Chin, the temple was given a temporary permit. In 21 Feb 1973, Temple was given a temporary permit. In 21 Feb 1973, Temple was given a temporary License for an area of 2,000 sq ft. The Temple was officially registered on March 1973 as “MURUGAN HILL TEMPLE” of 9V, Sungei Tengah Road, 121/2 miles off Chua Chu Kang. In 1974, Mr. Lingam become the Presidents was transferred Changi in course of his duty. The Temple was transformed from Muneeswaran to Murugan Hill Temple after the installation of main Deity Lord Muruga. Also, by the suggestion of Priest from the “Maha Mariamman Temple” of Johore.


Services Provided at Temple



  • Provide forum, place premises and /or facilities for the worship, prayer, teachings and other related religious and philosophical activities, based on Saivam and the Tamil Language.
  • Undertake the provision and continued operation and maintenance of a place of worship with Lord Murugan, the traditional God of Tamil – as the presiding Deity.
  • Preserve and enhance the role of Tamil in religious, philosophical, and
  • meditative activities; and Undertake other related activities, consistent with the above objects, including:
  • Provision of publication and materials for dissemination of knowledge towards the achievement of these objects;
  • Conducting worship, prayers, functions etc
  • Providing an opportunity for understanding and promoting Saivam both as a philosophy and as a way of life.

Special Poojas & Services

Murugan hill temple provides the following special poojas and services for all devotees. Please call the temple front desk to obtain further details. Special Poojas With Abishegam

  • 108 Sanku Abishekam
  • Special Abishekam (7, 9, 11, 16 Items to be Abishegam)
  • Ganapathy Homam / Skantha Homam
  • Navagraha Shanthi (Nine Planets)
  • Kiraha Shanthi (One Planet)
  • Sagasaranamam -1008 mantras

Special Poojas Without Abishegam

  • Navarathiri Pooja
  • Vipoothi Or Santhana
  • Annathanam

Archana & Other Services

  • Banana Archanai
  • Coconut Archanai
  • Special Archanai
  • Villakku poojai
  • Ellu Theebam (Sesame Oil Lamp)
  • Kumkuma Archana
  • Sahasranama Archana
  • Vagana Pooja (Blessing Of New Vehicles)
  • Blessing Of Pictures (Ganesh/Laxmi) For House Warming
  • Sannathi Wedding
  • Archanai Wedding
  • Milk Pot
  • Mudi kanigai
  • Wedding At The Sanctum
  • Wedding At the Hall

Activities and Festivals at Sri Murugan hill temple

A number of special events related to all Hindu Saivaites are held at Murugan Hill Temple. The major events are as follows:

  • Annual festival: Held every year during the month of March / April for eleven days starting with hoisting of the flag on the first day, Chariot festival on ninth day, Water cutting ceremony on tenth day (Panguni Uthiram) and Holy matrimony ceremony (Thirukkalyaanam) on eleventh day.
  • Skandasasthi festival: Held every year during the month of October for Seven days starting just after Deepavali and finishing with Soora Samharam and on the following day with Thirukkalyaanam.
    Navarathiri festival:Held every year during the month of September / October for ten days. This festivel finishes with Saraswathi Poojai and next day Vijaya Thasami .
  • Thai Poosam:Held every year during the month of January on Poosam Nadchathram day. Devotees carry milk pots around the temple (4am to 12 Noon) on this day.
  • Thiruvilakku Pooja:Thiruvilakku (Holy oil lamp) pooja is performed on every full moon day (Chitra pournami).
  • Kaarthikai: On the day of Karthikai Nadchathiram of each month, abishegam is performed to main deity Lord Murugan and Utchavamoorthy Murugan taken in procession inside the temple.
  • Maha Sivarathiri : Maha Sivarathiri festival is observed on the night preceding the new moon (Amaavaasai) in the month of February. Poojas are performed at 7.00 pm, 9.00 pm, 12.00 am and 4.00am during the night and concludes with Paarana Pooja at 6.00 am
  • Sri kaliamman Karagam: Held every year during the month of May, the Priest carry Karagam around the temple procession. The special Deeparathanai for Sri Kaliamman for this day.
    Sri Periyachi Kaparai: Held every year during the month of August, the Procession of Angi Kapparai , Prayers, Periyachi padayal poojai and Deeparathanai.
  • Muneeswaran Poojai: Held every year during the month of August, the special Homam for lord Muneeswaran, procession of god around the temple, Deeparathanai , Annathanam is Performed.

Location of Temple

Sri Murugan Hill Temple is located at 931, Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678207
Phone : 67695784, Fax : 67699003

Getting there

By MRT – Choa Chu Kang MRT (NS4) , Walking distance is around 32 minutes from Exit B to here.

By Bus – Bus 67 , 170 , 171 , 176 , 177 , 178 , 961 , 963 , 970 . Walking distance 0 minutes from bus stop 44021

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