Lord Kalki


Sri kalki avatar is the tenth and final Maha Avatar (great incarnation) of Vishnu who will come to end the present age of darkness and destruction known as Kali Yuga. The Kalki Avatar is supposed to be the most powerful among all the Dasavathars. What makes it more intriguing is that incarnation has not yet taken place, a fact that adds to its enigma !


The earliest reference to the Kalki Avatar is found in the India’s great epic, the Mahabharat. Rishi Markandeya tells Yudhishtir, the seniormost Pandava, that Kalki will be born to Brahmin parents. He would excel in academics, sports and warfare, and thus become a very intelligent and powerful young man.


His arrival is stipulated at a time when the earth is engulfed in crisis because of a tyrannical and powerful ruler. Kalki Bhagwan is said to be mounted on a strikingly beautiful White Horse, and is most often picturised in the foreground of a dark sky. This symbolises his coming at a time when darkness (evil) is the order of the day, and he is the saviour to rid the world of its sufferings. This is similar to the Parashuram avatar, where Lord Vishnu killed the atrocious Kshatriya rulers.

The Kalki Avatar is the most eagerly awaited one, more so because it will signify the cleansing of the world from all its sorrows that have been accumulated for many millennia. He is to arrive at the end of Kalyug, the dark age, and will mark the beginning of the Sat Yug. According to calculations, there are still many years left for that to happen (The Kalyug extends for a period of 432000 years, and it has just started – 5000 years ago). When we have such advanced military technology today, it will be interesting to see (though we may not, unless we do not manage to attain salvation by then, and are still caught in the rebirth cycle) what kind of weapons Kalki Avatar utilises.

It is also said that Kalki avtar will come, when all the three rivers Saraswati, Yamuna and Ganga return to heavens ( dried).

Saraswati has already been dead, Yamuna is dying, but Ganga is still at her youth. By the end of Kaliyuga, the Ganges will also dry and then will come the Kalki avtar.


The Kalki Purana writes details about events believed by Hindus to occur in the future. The work is essentially a derivation of passages collected from various Puranas describing the same subject. The work primarily describes the onset and exponential increase of evil and sin on the earth during the Kali Yuga, and the life of Kalki, who is said to bring an end to the darkness of the Kali Yuga, destroying evil and sin, and beginning a new yuga (age) of sinlessness and peace known as the Satya Yuga.

Lord Vishnu comes to earth in the home of Sumati,the wife of the Brahmin Vishnuyasha. Kalki will be born on “a bright fortnight of the lunar month of Vaishakha, on the twelfth lunar tithi (Dvadashi),” and his childhood will be in the mystical kingdom of Shambhala. After the Chiranjeevin immortals gather in Shambhala, Kalki will begin martial training under Guru Parashurama.

The Padma Purana (6.242.8-12) states that Vishnuyasha is actually an incarnation of Svayambhuva Manu, who performed great austerities to have the Lord as his child. He received the benediction that the Lord will appear as his son three times. Thus Svayambhuva Manu appears as Dasaratha (father of Rama), Vasudeva (father of Krishna) and finally as Vishnuyasha (father of Kalki).

So,This period, which started about 500 [(1486–1534)] years ago with the appearance of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, will last for 10,000 years. It is said that in this period the influences of the Kali yuga will be counteracted by the pure devotees of the Lord. Their weapon will be the nama-sankirtana or devotional chanting of the name, and with this they will reverse the influences of Kali yuga !