Lord Brahma


Lord Brahma is the first of the Hindu Trinity. He is the Creator God. He is regarded as the Supreme being, the God of Gods. In the beginning Brahma was the Universe, he created Gods. After having created Gods, he placed them in these worlds e.g.: AGNI in this world, Vayu in the atmosphere and Surya in the sky. Brahma generated the Gods and the entire world. Within him is the Universe.

He is a four headed God.He has four hands , each hand is holding a sacrificial tool (sruva), the Vedas (knowledge), a water pot (kamandalu) His vehicle is the goose (hans) which is known for its judgment between good and bad. His consort is Saraswati, the Goddess of learning.and a rosary respectively.He appears seated on a lotus which is a symbol of glorious existence.


Brahma’s four heads represent the four directions (Poorab, Pashchim, Uttar and Dakshin), four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva) and the four Varnas (Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras) in Hindu Religion.

Brahma’s abode is known as Brahmaloka, which is said to contain all the splendors of earth and of the heavens of the other Gods. His vehicle or Vahana is a white swan or goose, which has magical abilities –  it can separate soma and milk from water. Therefore the bird Goose, is also a symbol of sifting good from evil. His Consort Saraswati, is the Goddess of wisdom and science, the Mother of the Vedas, and the Inventor of the Devanagari script.  Brahma is also believed to have created the Saptarishi, or seven great sages, to help him create the Universe.

Birth of Lord Brahma

According to the scriptures, Brahmaji was born on the lotus that had arisen from the navel of eternal ommipresent Lord Narayan Vishnu. During the period of deluge (Pralaya) all the creations was destroyed and the creatures that had gone into Maharloka (the fourth of the upper worlds according to the Puranas), take birth again on the earth as per their deeds. God who keeps an account of the innumerable deeds of those innumerable creature and arrange for their incarnations is called Brahma.


Only Three Temples of Brahma

Legend has it that Lord Brahma is said to be very liberal with granting boons and is easily pleased when prayed to without any thought as to who is praying and asking him for a boon. He is rather callous in granting boons to the demons unguardedly.All the deadly demons, from Hiranyakashipu to Ravana, received their boons from Brahma, which made them singularly notorious in destroying the noble virtues of the world. Then it became necessary for Lord Vishnu to appear in his various reincarnations to kill these demons.That is why the cult of Brahma’s worship declined as He became unpopular amongst religious devotees who began to deem Brahma as the sole God of worship for the demons. Another reason why Brahma is not widely worshipped is the belief that being the Creator, his work is complete, at least for the time being.

Hence there are only three temples of Brahma,all in India, one at Pushkar Lake in Ajmer, another in Khokhan, Kullu Valley and the other at Khed brahma in Gujrat.

Famous Temples of Lord Brahma

Brahma Temple, Pushkar

Brahma Temple, Kullu

Brahma Temple, Gujrat