kotilingeshwara Temple, Kolar


Kotilingeshwara is the presiding deity of the temple of the same name in the village of Kammasandra in India. Kammasandra is a small village situated in Kolar district of Karnataka state. It is about five kilometers from Kolar Gold Fields. Kotilingeshwara Temple or Koti Lingeshwara Temple is a famous Lord Shiva Temple . Kotilingala Temple is well known to have the biggest Shiva Linga in the world, measuring 108 ft (33 m), the only one of its kind. Associated with the tallest Shiva Lingam is a 35 ft (11 m) tall Basava, surrounded by numerous small Shivalingams which spread over an area of 15 acres. The entire project includes the installation of One Crore Shiva Lingams of various sizes and hence the name ‘Kotilingeshwara’. Kotilingeshwara Shiva Temple is about 5 km from Kolar Gold Fields and about 6 km from Aalamaram. The annual Maha Shivaratri Festival celebrated at the temple attracts thousands of devotees from all over India. Koti in Kannada means One Crore.Linga is an alias of statue of Lord Shiva. The name itself signifies, together it’s Koti-Linga, (Crore Statues). The whole place is full of Shiva statues from very small (Minute) to large (Macro) as 108 feet Idol.


History of Sri Kotilingeshwara temple

Ramayana, one of the greatest ancient Sanskrit epics, explains the battle between Lord Sri Rama (seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and the demon King Ravana. The long and deadly battle showed the victory of Lord Rama. It is said that he travelled to Rameswaram from Dhanuskodi and installed a Linga in the banks of the river. Here, Lord Rama offered prayers to the Linga and prayed for all the people who lost their lives in the battle. This was held in the Threta Yuga. Likewise, in Kali Yuga, to encourage the culture of divinity, peace and prosperity, Lord Kotilingeshwara temple was constructed over 13 acres of land in Kammasandra. The first Linga was installed on 10th October1980, followed by many Lingas in the subsequent years.

Architecture of Sri Kotilingeshwara temple

A huge Nandi (Nandishwara – the Vahana of Shiva) which is 35 feet (11 m) tall lies in front of this huge Shiva Linga. The Nandi stands on a platform which is about 4 feet in height. About eleven small temples of various deities are constructed within the premises of the Koti Lingeshwara Swamy Temple. There are temples dedicated to Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheshwara, followed by the main deity temple Lord Kotilingeshwara. Other important temples are Lord Venkataramani Swamy Temple, Goddess Annapoorneshwari Temple, Lord Panduranga Swamy Temple, Lord Panchamukha Ganapathy temple, Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Sita Temple, Lord Anjaneya Temple, Goddess Kannika Parameshwari Temple and Goddess Karumaari Amma Temple.

A Shiva Linga called “Shiva Panchayathi” is installed inside the Goddess Kannika Parameswari temple. The idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Kumaraswamy, Goddess Parvati and Nandi are arranged around the Linga. These idols are displayed in a way that all these Gods are offering their prayers to the Linga. A water tank which is close to the Linga is used by the devotees for performing Abhishekam to the Lingam. There are two Naga Linga Flower Trees or Cannon Ball Flower Trees in which the unmarried women tie a yellow thread around it, offering prayers to Lord Lingeswara for a happy married life (In the temple premises,Holy turmeric thread will be provided after doing pooja. It’s just like Wish Pond. One has to tie this thread to tree which is just outside). It’s believed that person’s wishes will come true. Generally parents of spinster or bachelor whose marriage is getting delayed would do these ceremonies.


Timings of Temple

Worship services are performed to all the Lingas everyday at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm by 10 priests, along with drums and music. Mantras are recited and water is poured by the priests on each and every installed Linga. Devotees can offer their prayers to Lord Kotilingeshwara by installing Lingas. The Lingas will be installed in the name of the devotee and the names of the devotees are carved on the Lingas. Prayers are offered everyday for the welfare of the donator. Every afternoon, Annadhanam (free food) is provided to all the devotees.

Location of Temple

Om Sree Koti Lingeshwara Temple, Komma Sandra, Bangarapete Taluk, Kolar, Karnataka,India,
Phone : (91) – 8153-277530

Getting there and around

  • By Air   -Bangalore International Airport is the nearest airport.
  • By Rail -Bangarapet Railway Station and Marikuppam Railway Station are the nearest railheads to reach Kotilingeshwara Shiva Temple.
  • By Bus  -Kolar is about 68 km from Bangalore. Buses ply on regularly from Bangalore.

Points to Remember

  • There are no good hotels or restaurants around. It is always better to carry food and plenty of water from home. This saves your time and tiredness.
  • Plan your trip such that you reach the place early in the morning,
  • Best time is to start early in the morning, weather will be really pleasant
  • Later half of the day, the temple area will be very hot
  • Cap,Sun glasses, Sun cream will be really handy.
  • If you are carrying babies, please do make sure that, you carry at least one umbrella and extra fruits or milk or juices.


The Kotilingeshwara temple has rest house facilities.  Devotees who want to reside in the guest houses may have to do prior bookings.