Kheer Bhawani Temple


Kheer Bhawani is the holy temple of the Goddess Ragnya Devi.It is located in the village of Tulla Mulla, that is at a distance of 27 kilometers from Srinagar,Kashmir. Devotees fast and gather here on the eighth day of the full moon in the month of May when, according to common belief, the goddess changes the color of the spring’s waters. The temple complex is known as Kheer Bhawani because of the thousands of devotees who offer milk and kheer, a form of Indian desert, to the sacred spring, which magically turns black to warn of impending disaster. Pilgrims who have faith in the divine powers of the goddess usually undertake tours and travel to this pilgrimage. Goddess Ragnya devi is the form of  Maa Durga Bhagvati. The Brahmins of Kashmir worship this spring and pilgrims from every comer of the country visit to have the darshan of the place.

The water of the Spring changes its colour from time to time. It takes on various hues like red, pink, orange, green, blue and has often light green, red rosy and millky white shades.Any shade of black colour is supposed to be inauspicious for the inhabitants of the valley. This colour was prominent in the year 1947 when the Pakistani raiders attacked the peaceful valley. Many times rising of bubbles has been observed which form the mystic Chakra on the surface of the water.


Various legends and stories are current among the people regarding the holy spring. One such legend is that when Ravana was killed at the hands of Bagwan Rama the Goddess Bhawani ordered Hanuman to carry her to Satisar-Kashmir along with 360 Nagas. Hanuman selected the site and installed the Goddess in the Northern part of the valley. She came to be known as Khir Bhawani or Ragyna Bhagwati as her favourite offerings consist of rice cooked in milk and sugar, and all other vegetarian forms of diet.

For quite some time in the past this important Teertha remained under flood waters and it was only after a pious Brahmin Shri Krishna Pandit had a vision that the place was rediscovered. He was a great devotee of the Devi and composed the famous Rajna Stotra .

Getting there and Around

By Air –

Nearest airport is Srinagar.Indian Airlines and Jet Airways operate regular daily flights to Srinagar from Delhi, Mumbai and Jammu. Air Sahara flies daily between Delhi and Srinagar.

By Rail –

Nearest Railway station is Jammu , from there you can take local buses & Taxis.

By Road –

Srinagar is well connected to major cities of India through NH 1-A


Srinagar has lot of luxury as well as budget hotels and guest houses.Don’t choose hotels at remote areas,City hotels are best option to stay.