India – Land of Gods


There are 330 million Gods and Goddesses in Hindu mythology and goddess in hinduism , and include the chief gods Shiva, Vishnu and the Goddess Shakti as well as a myriad of local community gods. Devotion to these various deities is based primarily on one’s region and needs, and even when devotion is given to only one, the existence of others is acknowledged. Hindu worship virtually always involves sculptures and images, to which offerings are made and rituals are performed.

Hindus believe in one God, Brahman, who was the originator of everything. They believe that his work is now done, however, and the task of creating, maintaining and destroying the world is up to three main gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and other lesser gods. Hindus worship various gods depending on the characteristics they wish to emulate and according to their needs.You can read about some popular ones here:-