Hindu Temples in Afghanistan


Once Afghanistan was a great center of Vedic culture.There were many Hindu temples in Afghanistan. Some temples in Kabul have survived the recent turmoil. Once Kabul was the capital of the great Hindu Shahi kings. Now a days Hinduism in Afghanistan is practiced by a tiny minority of Afghan Hindus, believed to be about 1,000 individuals who live mostly in Kabul and other major cities of the country.

Below given are some of remaining hindu temples in Afghanistan.

  • Devi-Dwara Hindu Temple, 5 Dand Road, Kandahar, Afghanistan
  • Devi Hindu Temple, 32 Kabuli Bazaar
  • Mahaveer Hindu Temple, 2 Shikarpur Bazaar, Kandahar, Afghanistan
  • Dargha Hindu Temple, Chowk Omomi Street, Jalalabad, Ghazni, Afghanistan
  • Dargha Hindu Temple, Chowk Street, Ghazni, Afghanistan, Gardez, Afghanistan
  • Ganesh Hindu Temple, Main Bazaar Gardez, Afghanistan