Hayagriva Mahadeva Temple


Hayagriva Madhava Mandir is situated on the Monikut hill near Hajo of Kamrup district .It is known that the temple was constructed by the King Raghu deva Narayan in 1583. According to some other historians. King of Pala dynasty constructed it in 6th century. It is a stone temple and it enshrines an image of Hayagriva Madhav. The rows of elephants are seen on the body of the temple and they are fine specimens of Assamese art.

This temple is important for both the Hindu and the Buddhist community. Within the temple is an image of Vishnu which quiet closely resembles the one at Jagannath Temple in Puri in Orissa. For the Buddhist of the region, the temple is important because they believe that it was here that the Buddha attained Nirvana. The temple suffered destruction at the hands of Kalapahar who was also responsible for destroying a number of other temples in India. Quiet nearby is a small temple which was constructed by Ahom king Pramatta Singh The Hayagriva Mahadeva temple can be reached by ascending long stone stairway at the foot of which there is a pond. In this pond resides a huge turtle.

Doul, Bihu and Janmashtami festivals are celebrated every year in the temple. Moreover this temple preaches both Hinduism and Buddhism, which attract Buddhist Monks from far flung places.

Getting there and Around

By  Air:

The nearest airport is Guwahati.

By Rail:

The nearest railhead is situated at Guwahati.

By Road:

Guwahati is well connected with regular bus services from all the major cities in and around the state.


Accommodation facilities are available at reasonable prices in Guwahati with options varying from luxury to budget hotels.

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