Auspicious Time to Use / Wear Yantra

Yantras are written during specific months of the Hindu calendar. The wearing or usage of Yantras also corresponds to certain auspicious days, fortnights and planetary configurations. Specific colors are also used for making different types of yantras.


According to the Hindu Vikram Samvat calendar, the auspicious months for writing the Yantras are SharaVana/Savana, Bhadrapad/Bhadra, Ashwin, Kartik, Aghayana, Baisakh, Pausha, Magha and Phalgun . The Vedic yantras that are prepared during these months are very successful in their effects. Yantras are beneficial for gain in wealth, success, fame, children, health, education, etc.

The months of Chaitra, Jyestha and Asadha are not very good for the writing of Yantras and the rest of the months are not at all used for the activity.


Shukla Paksha is better than Krishna Paksha for writing of Yantras. Shukla Paksha begins with Amavasya (New moon) and ends in Poornima (Full moon). Krishna Paksha lasts from one Poornima (Full moon) to Amavasya (New moon).


The angular distance between the sun and moon is measured from the earth along the elliptic circle and it can vary between 0 degree and 360 degrees. This is divided into 30 parts and each part ends in multiples of 12 like 12 degrees, 24 degrees etc. The time spent by the moon in each of these parts is called one Tithi.

Pooran Tithi is most suitable for making any Yantra. Different tithi/day are suitable for making different Yantras like :

  • Nand Tithi for Vashi Karan Yantra(hypnotism Yantras)
  • Bhara Tithi for wealth, prosperity and education Yantras
  • Siddhajya Tithi for salvation and spirituality Yantras
  • Rikta Tithi for Maran Yantra


There are 27 nakshatras and each nakshatra affects the Yantras and so the different yantras are made on auspicious days with a suitable configuration of stars like :

  • For Yantras for Brahmins are Anuradha Nakshatra falling on Wednesday is suitable
  • For Yantras for Kshatriyas, Hast and Pushya Nakshatra falling on Sunday are suitable
  • Yantras for Vaishyas are written when Pushya Nakshatra falls on Thursday
  • Yantras for spiritual purposes are written when Rohini and Mrigasira Nakashatras fall on Monday
  • Yantras that support wealth and prosperity are written when Ashwini Nakshatra
  • Falls on Tuesday
  • Yantras are written for people suffering from troubles and turmoils when Rewati Nakshatra falls on Sunday.


Yantras are colored with different colors. The colors also have strong effect on the overall effects of the Yantra. The various colors that are used are :

  • Yantras for spiritualism and meditation are in white
  • Yantras for Maran, Uchattan (death) are in black
  • Yantras for Vashi Karan or Mohan (hypnotism) are in red
  • Yantras for acquisition of wealth are colored yellow or Kesari(orangish yellow)
  • Yantras for Aakarshan (attraction) are written in Blue color