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Amaravati is a well-known pilgrimage center of Andhra Pradesh in south India. It is situated in Sattenapalli Taluk of Guntur District and is famous as the seat of a temple to Lord Shiva or Amareswara and also for its world famous Buddhist sculptures. The architecture of this South Indian pilgrimage tours destination is designed in the Dravidian style.’Amareswaram’ is considered sacred because of three things, the Krishna River, an important region with ‘Sthalamahatyam’ and the Sri Mahalinga Murthy, which are three sacred principles embodied in one.Amaravati is also known as ‘Punyakshetra’. Here, one can find five different forms of Lord Shiva. These lingams are called ‘Pranaveswara’, ‘Agasteswara’, ‘Kosaleswara’, ‘Someswara’ and ‘Parthiveswara’. Both ‘Lord Amareswara’ and his spouse ‘Bala Chamundika’ are worshiped here, along with other deities of the temple. The temple’s origin is a subject of curiosity among many people. There are various beliefs related to it, some Puranic and some historical. Thus, the temple tour attracts innumerable tourists with its purity and might.


The elevated Amreshwara Temple is situated on the holy Krishna river. According to one of the legend, even a flood in the river Krishna won’t affect the temple, instead it will turn its flow to some other side. Therefore, one can see the river Krishna diverted from north to south at this place. Temples are usually built on these short turns of the river, as they are regarded sacred.

Another legend tells us that the temple was earlier a Buddhist shrine but later a Hindu temple was built here. This contradiction is the root of a controversy, as the foundations of the temple are laid with the typical Buddhist slabs only.


The main festivals in the temple are the Maha Shivaratri, which comes in the ‘Magha Bahula Dasami’ and the Navaratri and the ‘Kalyana Utsavas’.

Getting there and Around

By Air – The nearest airport is Vijayawada (82 km).

By Rail – The nearest railheads are Guntur and Vijayawada. A good network of connect Guntur to Amaravati.

By Road – Amaravati is situated 20 miles northwest of Guntur and is connected by a good motorable road


Tourists coming to Amaravati have a good choice in terms of accommodation available in the Rest House, Hotel Mamta, and Swapna Lodge at Amaravati. Apart from this, there are Public Works Department Travelers Bungalow, some choultries, and sheds for travellers and pilgrims to stay.